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For your convenience, we can offer outside financing with 0% interest for up to 12 months with approved credit. We also accept all credit cards. If you do not have dental insurance do not be concerned. A high percentage of our treatments are done for patients who do not have dental insurance . That is why we have other financial options available. If you do have insurance, we will gladly help you file for benefits.

Care Credit and Capital One Health Care Finance are specifically for cosmetic dentistry and related specialties. They can help give you the smile you've always wanted by making it more affordable.


Frequently asked questions about insurance
  1. Will my insurance cover the cost of sedation?
  2. What is UCR?
  3. Do you accept insurance?
  4. Why do I need a consultation visit?
  5. What should I bring to my Consultation Appointment?
  6. Why does my insurance not cover all procedures or not cover the full price?
  7. Can you File my insurance?
  8. Is the Periodontal Program covered by my insurance?
  9. Is financing available?
  10. What Is a Procera Crown?
  11. Can I do just part of my treatment?
  12. Why is periodontal treatment/gum treatment recommended before my other dental work is completed?
  13. Tooth colored vs. silver fillings
  14. Are the doctors highly skilled and qualified at Sedation Dental Care?


Will my insurance cover the cost of sedation?
For many of our patients Sedation Dental Care is the only option. Although some of our patients use sedation for convenience, for many it is a necessity. We have explained to insurance companies that having their treatment in a single or fewer appointments in many instances allows people to avoid the costly alternatives of not receiving Sedation Dental Care. At this time, sedation is not usually covered by insurance companies.

What is UCR?
UCR is a number that each insurance company decides upon independently. It is not a true representation of what dental treatment is worth. Many times Insurances Companies use UCR to decide what percentage of your dental needs they will cover. If your insurance does not value dental services highly we will do our best to help you find supplemental ways of covering the difference.

Do you accept insurance?
We will file primary insurance for our patients who are in need of assistance. We also provide outside financing for those patients who have inadequate or do not have dental insurance. Because the insurance provider is working for you, they will pay you much faster than paying us. So for most procedures we file your insurance for you and the payment comes directly to you. This eliminates us handling any over or under payments by the insurance company. We will accept payment directly from insurance for procedures over $750 (if a patient needs this assistance). Most insurance companies will allow pre-estimates for dental treatment and we will gladly do this for you at your consultation visit.

Why do I need a consultation visit?
The consultation visit is for you. During this appointment we will address your treatment goals and how we can help you reach them, as well as discuss treatment options and costs. We try to give you several options, because we realize everyone has different priorities. We recommend that you bring someone with you, because it helps having someone you trust to assist with these decisions. This is your opportunity to get all questions and concerns about your treatment or your sedation addressed. At this visit we look into insurance options. Please bring as much information as possible with you, this helps speed things up. We can also look into financing and any other options available to you.

What should I bring to my Consultation Appointment?
You should bring someone you trust and any insurance information you have. If you do not have the information necessary, please contact your insurance company or human resources department. We can call insurance companies but many times we can not obtain your information the same day. Bringing this information will help you make the most of your consult appointment. Any and all questions that will make you more comfortable with the exciting journey you are embarking on are welcome.

Why does my insurance not cover all procedures or not cover the full price?
Insurance became popular in the 70’s and has not changed much in the past 35 years. We are constantly fighting with insurance companies to recognize the value of consistent, quality dental treatment. Many insurance providers only cover parts or percentages of specific procedures.

Can you File my insurance?
Yes we gladly file dental insurance as a courtesy for our patients. Many times we have the insurance company send benefits directly to you.

Is the Periodontal Program covered by my insurance?
Most insurance does cover periodontal cleaning (scaling/gum treatment). Periodontal Disease can be treated successfully, but it takes more than just the cleaning. It takes a commitment by you the patient and us the care provider. Our program has many facets and many insurance providers cover different parts of the program. We will gladly check with your specific company to get a pre-estimate for your dental care.

Is financing available?
Yes, we use outside financing companies. These companies are independent of Sedation Dental Care and available for your convenience. These companies have many exciting options for those who qualify. They offer up to twelve months with no interest, as well as programs which spread out for up to five years.

What Is a Procera Crown?
A Procera crown is a high-end crown that we use for the cosmetic cases that we treat. It is an all porcelain structure fabricated in Sweden. It is very esthetic and we always recommend Procera crowns for the smile zone. Procera eliminates the graying and flat look the standard porcelain fused to metal crown has. (link to Procera crowns.)

Can I do just part of my treatment?
Treatment can be separated into several appointments at the patient’s request. It is important to let the dentist know so they can plan appropriately.

Why is periodontal treatment/gum treatment recommended before my other dental work is completed?
Building a good foundation for your dental care is as important as building a good foundation for your house. Here at Sedation Dental Care we strive to provide you with the best care possible. Periodontal Disease left untreated can result in tooth loss, tooth movement, esthetic concerns and hygienic issues. We want you to protect your investment by taking care of and maintaining the treatment we provide you for years to come.

Tooth colored vs. silver fillings:
We will recommend the best treatment for your situation. Tooth colored fillings, otherwise known as composites, are more esthetic and most people prefer them. Composites are more expensive than silver fillings and will usually show signs of break down faster. Composite fillings also are more sensitive to contamination and require a commitment to periodontal and gum health. Please let a member of our Care Team know if you prefer tooth colored or silver fillings.

Are the doctors highly skilled and qualified at Sedation Dental Care?
Sedation Dental Care is the largest provider of sedation in the area. Drs. Dan and Tracy Davidian and Dr. Tom Pezdek are highly skilled and well trained. All of our doctors here at Sedation Dental Care exceed all required training in administration of oral sedation. All have had extensive additional training and each member of our team was chosen for their specific strengths, not only in sedation but all aspects of dentistry. You are in safe and qualified hands when you visit Sedation Dental Care. Please see the Sedation Dental Care Family on our home page.



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SLEEP is Physiologic, Sedation is Pharmacologic.  SEDATON IS NOT SLEEP and we at Sedation Dental Care make no implication that the two are the same in any way. We are extensively trained in sedation and exceed the boards oral sedation requirements by 5 times. We are qualified to sedate you not put you sleep. Please note we do provide General Anesthesia for those who qualify and need more then basic oral and IV sedation.

Please note there are only 7 recognized specialties in dentistry. Sedation, Cosmetics and Treating High Fear Patients are not included in board recognized specialties. We hope our hundreds of hours of Sedation, Emergency Training and Cosmetic Training coupled with hundreds of sedations we have done will allow us to give you the level of dentistry you are looking for.  When considering a dentist please always ask about credentials and training before you make a selection. We at Sedation Dental Care Hope you choose us and look forward to seeing you.

“Wake up to a Beautiful Smile” is a jingle not everyone wants a new smile. Beautiful Smile means different things to everyone and is based on your specific needs desires and qualifications. Not everyone is a candidate for cosmetic dentistry.  We will have a personalized smile evaluation to see if your smile desires are achievable and appropriate for you and your personal needs.

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