If you have a lot of fear about receiving dental treatment, you are not alone. It is a well known fact that 50% of our population does not go to a dentist regularly. Our average new patient has not seen a dentist for 10, 20, and sometimes 30 years.

Philosophy and what makes us different.

The Doctors at Sedation Dental Care provide sedation for high fear patients almost every day.  Our Doctors have received well over 5 times the minimum requirements to be considered a sedation dentist, which equates to hundreds of hours in sedation and advanced emergency training.  Our doctors also are very active in continuing education usually exceeding the requirements.  We have two full time doctors who work with sedated patients almost every day. There is no substitute for the experience that our doctors provide. Sedation Dental Care provides quality caring compassionate dental care in a warm, relaxing atmosphere. The first time you meet our dental family, you will realize our office is like no other. Our professional staff is trained in making every visit comfortable and soothing.

You are not alone:
Before seeking treatment at our office, most of our patients have not been to the dentist in 10 to 30 years. We have successfully helped them conquer their fear of dentistry and we can help you too. Sedation Dental Care has mastered the art of sedation coupled with gentle caring dental treatment.

Open the door to your new smile inside and out:
Conquering the pain and embarrassment of years of neglect is your first step. Our objective is simple, to help you take the first step in overcoming your fears, getting out of pain, getting your old smile back and/ or creating a whole new smile.  Come experience our gentle, caring compassionate staff from the moment you walk through our door, until the time you leave.   We are different from many other dental offices; a simple phone call will open the door to your new smile, inside and out.

Listening, Hearing, Caring, Understanding dentists:
Upon arrival the staff will greet you and seat you. The doctors will get to know you and listen to you. The most powerful thing, we as dentists do, is to listen and understand what it is that will make your personal experience more comfortable and pleasant. Never will our doctors make you feel embarrassed or guilty about your dental health. Our goal is to establish a good foundation and launch your new dental outlook.

How Sedation Can Change your Life:
Please look at the experiences of others in our Patient Testimonials section. Or visit our Facebook page Sedation Dental Care  These are real people describing their personal experiences and how our office, with sedation, benefited and many times changed their lives. We welcome and encourage new letters. The most powerful and convincing messages are from patients like you relaying real experiences on how Sedation Dental Care has changed their life.