Letter From Dr. Tracy Davidian 

Dear Future Patient,

I am writing to you today to explain to you the Importance of completely Understanding your Dental Health.

Your Teeth are the Gateway to your Entire Body.  You can not properly nourish yourself without having Teeth to chew your food.  I CAN HELP YOU UNDERSTAND AND FIX THAT!

You can not expect to have a Spouse or Loved One (or even yourself) not Snore and get a good nights rest if there mouth is Over Closed due to missing teeth or an underdeveloped upper and/or lower jaw.  (How can you get air in if your tongue is being forced to the back of your throat?)             I CAN HELP YOU UNDERSTAND AND FIX THAT!

You can not expect to not get Headaches if your mouth is over-closed causing your head muscles to be constricted (squished) all day long.  I CAN HELP YOU UNDERSTAND AND FIX THAT!

You can not expect to not have upper neck and shoulder pain if you are missing teeth and your bite is compromised; thus, causing your lower jaw to close deeper on one side than the other.  This ultimately torques/rotates your upper Vertebrae in your back, thus pinching your spinal cord and causing severe pain.  I CAN HELP YOU UNDERSTAND AND FIX THAT!

Does any of the above sound familiar? I am here to tell you that We Can Help You!

I use to practice Tooth Cobbler Dentistry, but after years of feeling like I was creating problems instead of fixing them…I decided to further my education past just DDS.  I attended the Las Vegas Institute for Neuromuscular Dentistry, and after 3 years of education, I obtained my FELLOWSHIP in NEUROMUSCULAR DENTISTRY.

I now Know and Understand that Veneers/Crowns are like Diamonds….there are Different Qualities in each.  What makes up the qualities of the Veneer/Crown is more than just Material, its the Dentists Talent and Understanding of what goes into making a Smile not only Beautiful but Healthy.

Please Call or Email me if you would like to sit down and discuss how We Can Help You Find that Healthy and Beautiful Smile that you have Always Wanted!


Tracy Davidian DDS, LVIF