Neuromuscular Dentures

Dental Appointments Are Available Now

We know tooth pain can happen at the most convenient times. Crowns, fillings or even teeth can break without warning; and the impact of dental trauma or intense toothaches can be extremely painful. That’s why our office reserves several appointment times each day for our emergency dental patients.

We Can Address Virtually Any Dental Tooth Pain

Take comfort in knowing that regardless of what’s causing your tooth pain, our experienced staff are trained and equipped to handle almost anything from minor issues to more severe traumatic injuries. And we understand that you want your tooth pain fixed as soon as possible.

Relaxing Sedation Dental Care is Always an Option

Whether you are suffering from dental phobia, have a bad gag-reflex or are just looking for a relaxing dental experience without all the stress associated with traditional dental care, top Raleigh Dentist Dr. Dan Davidian at Sedation Dental Care is ready and waiting to make sure your experience is a positive on

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