Geneva V.

“I really enjoy coming here because the staff is great to work with. I got to know the dental hygienist that works with me. They’re very friendly, helpful, and help me take care of my teeth. Sometimes I just feel guilty when I don’t floss my teeth because I know they stay after me about flossing.”

-Geneva V.

Audrey M.

“I have sent people here because I think they’re really great. He knows what he’s doing. He does a beautiful job on teeth, he really does; whether you’re getting the false ones or whether he’s working on yours. He’s good.”

– Audrey M.

Mary S.

Karen P.

“I find Dr. Dan very personable, very jovial, he is very forthcoming, and very honest with me and his patients. It’s not about just getting dental work done, he’ll give you your options. He gets your comfort with it, what your buying, before you go ahead and make a commitment to do the procedure.”

-Karen P.

Karen H.

“I didn’t feel any pain. I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. I just slept until the medication wore off and I had a perfect smile and my mouth felt wonderful. It was a great experience, give it a try. If I can do this, I can guarantee that someone just as phobic as me can try it.”

-Karen H.

Jonathon G.

“In the last two years I noticed my quality of life both health and just socially improved. Before I didn’t like smiling. I didn’t like showing people my teeth. I don’t mind looking at people now. My wife loves it; she says I smile more. I’m more confident about my teeth. The biggest thing about this place is, they know you. It seems more like a big family than a dental practice.”

-Jonathon G.

Bob W.

Pete T.

“I have very low tolerance for pain, so to me sedation works. I don’t get really anxious about coming to the dentist anymore. Everybody I dealt with here is always very friendly. It’s the first time too, I experienced to get measured for my upper a tens machine to relax all your muscles, to get a true fit. I would definitely recommend Dr. Dan.”

-Pete T.

Nichole S.

Nicole H.

“I highly recommend going to see Sedation Dental Care. They’ve taken care of me in several situations. I even get nitrous when it comes to having my teeth cleaned, outside of that, anytime I have extreme dental work done, Dr. Dan has been outstanding and so has the front office. I couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s like a little family, I’m not fearful of coming to the dentist anymore.”

-Nichole H.

Martha T.

Debi C.

“Once you meet the doctors here, then you’ll know you found a home to come too. I’m more comfortable now, I actually had my cleaning and made it through perfectly fine without having any type of sedation care. They built the trust with the team here that I was able to do that. My fear is totally gone, once I’m here I’m reassured this is a safe place for me to be.”

-Debi C.

Kevin M.

Kevin M.

“After my extraction I lost what I thought was the sense of taste. The next time I came in, Dr. Dan sat down with me about the literature he researched and the colleagues he had talked to about the phenomena of loss of taste sensation as a result of a tooth extraction. It was so thorough and well done. The fact that he researched my problem as an individual patient and came back to me with results without being asked speaks volumes.”

-Kevin M.

Jenny B.

“I come in and I’m not just a chart, I’m a person. I’m so scared of going to the dentist. I get worried, but remembering that I’m coming into a place where people care about me, that makes me feel better. It makes me more likely to actually come in. Dr. Dan, he’s bubbly, he’s exciting, he’s nice, he’s kind, and he’s so good at his job. I love working with him.”

-Jenny B.