Clear Correct

Clear Correct

Clear Correct is an orthodontic method that uses a clear aligner system to gradually improve the position of the teeth and bite. Although this treatment is similar to the popular Invisalign treatment, Clear Correct actually offers a wider range of treatment options for a variety of smiles. Clear Correct treatment options include:

  • Limited 6: Contains a set of six aligners and works to make minor adjustments to the full arch of the mouth.
  • Limited 12: Contains a set of twelve aligners to make additional adjustments to the full arch of the mouth.
  • Unlimited: Contains an unlimited set of aligners to make adjustments to the full arch of the mouth for up to three years.

Did You Know?

Clear Correct aligners are made from a material known as Zendura. This material is exceptionally strong, form fitting, and can effectively move the teeth. Additionally, people who have undergone Clear Correct orthodontic treatment note that the aligners are more comfortable than other orthodontic methods.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a candidate for Clear Correct?

You may be a candidate for Clear Correct if you have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. Additionally, candidates for Clear Correct often want to avoid undergoing orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces. You may also be a candidate for Clear Correct if you prefer the treatment options offered in comparison to other orthodontic methods. To determine if Clear Correct is the right orthodontic treatment for you and which plan would work best, schedule a consultation with Sedation Dental Care at Raleigh Smile Center today.

What can I expect when undergoing orthodontic treatment with Clear Correct?

When starting treatment with Clear Correct, you can expect to have dental x-rays, digital photographs, and a dental impression taken of your teeth. This information will be used to develop your treatment plan, as well as to fabricate your orthodontic aligners. During the course of your treatment, you can expect to wear your aligners at all times with the exception while eating, drinking, brushing, or flossing. You can also expect to visit our office every few weeks so we can monitor your progress and give you your next set of aligners. This will continue throughout your treatment until you have reached your treatment goals. In most cases, Clear Correct treatment lasts an average of six months to a year, however individual treatments can vary.

Will I need a retainer after Clear Correct treatment?

Yes, you will need a retainer after Clear Correct treatment. This is because your teeth will need to permanently settle into their new position and a retainer will hold them in place. The amount of time you need to wear your retainer will depend on a number of factors and your dentist will direct you accordingly. Luckily, the Clear Correct retainers are just as discreet as their clear aligners.


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